KLU curates new Transformation Map on “Supply Chain and Transport” with the World Economic Forum

World map surrounded by connected dots

The World Economic Forum has launched an updated version of its transformation map on “Supply Chain and Transport”, which has been co-curated by KLU. The WEF’S online Strategic Intelligence Tool includes transformation maps on more than 250 topics and is freely available to the public. The Tool maps the inter-relationships between major trends in these topics, allowing users to explore interconnections between the forces driving transformational change in economies, industries, technologies etc.

The transformation map on “Supply Chain and Transport” identifies eight supply chain megatrends relating to resilience, leveraging infrastructure and real estate, HR issues, E-Commerce and omni-channel logistics, decarbonization, digital and hardware innovation, humanitarian and health logistics, and trade flows and value chains. “The map is a powerful analytical tool”, explains Prof. Alan McKinnon, who prepared the map together with Prof. Maria Besiou, Prof. Kai Hoberg, Prof. Rod Franklin and Prof. Gordon Wilmsmeier, “It shows how inter-connected a world we live in and the complexity of the interaction between supply chains and a host of economic, social, technological, environmental and political trends ”, he adds.

Find the full version of the new transformation map here.

Clicking on the little circles for each of the trends shows the pattern of linkage to other related developments.

You can use the tool and access the supply chain map by registering online.

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