Conference: Operations Research in a World of Crises

When facing multiple crises, how can companies adapt their manufacturing or decision-making processes to become more resilient? And how can Operations Research help? These key topics will be addressed at the Annual Conference of the German Operations Research Society. Partly organized by KLU researchers, the event will be held at Universität Hamburg from August 29th to September 1st, 2023.

Operations Research is a field that combines statistical analysis, quantitative models, data-driven approaches, optimization techniques and computer-assisted technologies to offer companies decision support. In this regard, topical research areas concern extreme situations and short-term crises. Accordingly, the motto of this year’s Annual Conference of the German Operations Research Society (GOR e. V.) is “Decision Support & Choice-Based Analytics for a Disruptive World.”

More than 700 participants from around the globe will discuss topics including “Analytics, Prognoses, Artificial Intelligence,” applications of Operations Research in logistics and mobility, and optimizing supply chain management. A further focus area will be the integration of consumer choices in decision support systems (“choice-based analytics”).


“Our goal and the conference’s main purpose is to promote the dissemination and implementation of Operations Research in theory and practice. To do so, we will enable an intensive exchange between the two,” explains Prof. Dr. Guido Voigt from the Institute of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at the Faculty of Business Administration, Universität Hamburg (UHH). Voigt, together with numerous researchers from the UHH and from Kühne Logistics University (KLU), organized the conference and helped select the contents.

“I’m very pleased that Kühne Logistics University and Universität Hamburg are jointly organizing the annual conference, effectively building a bridge between research and practice so that Operations Research can be used to address a range of current challenges,” says Prof. Dr. Kai Hoberg (KLU). Prof. Dr. Asvin Goel, who is also co-organizing the event, adds: “"The conference provides an excellent platform for researchers focusing on decision support and analytics. Hosting the conference highlights our dedication at KLU to data and algorithms and complements our activities in developing new and innovative study programs focusing on data-driven decision making."


On August 30th, there will be a senate reception at KLU to accompany the conference, the largest of its kind in Europe. Katharina Fegebank, Second Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and Senator for Science, Research and Equality; Prof. Dr. Jan Louis, Vice-President of Research at Universität Hamburg; and Prof. Dr. Andreas Kaplan, President of KLU, will be there to greet the guests. On August 29th (3 p.m.) there will also be a special offer for Ph.D. candidates, the “Dokt!OR” program. Using illustrative real-world examples, the focus will be on the specific challenges involved in the transfer between research and practice.

The conference will be held in English. Members of the press are welcome; please register in advance by email:

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