Boot Camp 2023

Boot Camp participants pose on the stairs next to the golden egg

It's Boot Camp time again! For three days, 30 participants immersed themselves in the world of artificial intelligence and urban mobility and logistics. New Mobility Solutions Hamburg GmbH and cantus Verkehrsgesellschaft set two exciting tasks around the use of autonomous vehicles and the precise prediction of routes and arrival times in public transport, for example to let parcels travel there. The winning team will present its solution at this year's Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich.

Logistics "Boot Camp" for students: Do-it-yourself, up close and personal - Video from Boot Camp 2023

Once again, the classic atmosphere of a hackathon prevailed on the KLU campus: intensive work in small groups, a lot of input from experts of IBM, Logistik-Initiative Hamburg and LaLog Landlogistik GmbH - and of course the obligatory pizza party on the evening of the second day, in order to hone the finer points of the group work, sometimes well into the night. Students with different professional and personal backgrounds formed a strong group in just a few days as part of the KLU-organized boot camp, which made unique experiences possible.

Voices of the participants

Nazira Omirbekova, Technische Hochschule Würzburg-Schweinfurt, Logistik (B.Eng.)

„I am studying logistics and I am especially interested in using AI in logistics. I want to see how new technologies can be used to improve this area. Logistics is such a broad spectrum and concept; I think everyone can find something that’s of interest to her or him. It is like a diamond that has so many different ways and perspectives. I loved that we had contact with company representatives and hear their experiences and recommendations on how to improve ourselves, not only in our work here but also in our general career.”

Danylo Kaulka, Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig, Industrial Engineering (B.Eng.)

"What pleased me the most was that English is spoken here. I am an industrial engineer majoring in electrical engineering and the boot camp was very rewarding. For me, it was exciting to see myself compared to other students with similar goals. People were very interested and really keen on the subject and many are already really specialized in it and even work in logistics already. It was very exciting to get involved in a new topic."

David Seo, Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), Logistics Management (BSc)

"You've been able to learn a lot of new things here, especially in the way you work and how you approach group work, for example. It's also great for networking. We had a lot of freedom within the framework of the event and were able to work out everything largely independently. Actually, you don't need any previous knowledge, because the groups were as diverse as possible with students from different universities and courses of study. That way, you always have the right contact person in the team."

Ebrahim Sow, Hamburg School of Business Administration (HSBA), Logistics Management (BSc)

“I am studying logistics management, so this bootcamp about artificial intelligence and logistics is a topic I am really interested in. Here, you can connect with a lot of people from different background and you learn a lot. And even though it is just three days, it seems like you have been here for quite a long time because it is really, really interesting.”

Jason Kilby, Leuphana Universität Lüneburg, Business Informatics (BSc)

„I am studying Business Informatics and I am here because I was interested into being engaged in the discussion about public interests, like how we want to organize our public transportation. I found this really interesting because usually what I do in business informatics just has this private business perspective and because AI solutions are of course always interesting for me. The bootcamp was an intense experience and I really liked to share ideas across all the participants and to get an insight how data is managed in public transportation systems.”

Tayfun Bösch, Technische Hochschule Deggendorf, Applied Computerscience (BSc)

„After school I was working in the industry myself, delivering newspapers and parcels. Up to this day, I am following what’s going on with deliveries. So, I was very much interested in the topic here. It is amazing here. I am quite used to the hackathon experience, but it feels amazing to be here in Hamburg. My expectation to learn about the topic was fulfilled, and I met a l lot of amazing people.”

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