Achieve your dream of studying in Germany with KLU's Preparation Program

KLU’s Preparation Program blends high-class teaching with outstanding student support, paving the way for high school graduates to achieve German university entrance qualifications and study at our university. Conducted on campus in Hamburg’s state-of-the-art HafenCity quarter, the year-long program provides its participants all the excitement and experiences of life at a university consistently ranked amongst the top in Germany by its students.

High school graduates wishing to study in Germany often face a tricky path to gaining entry into university here. The German Abitur (High School Leaving Certificate) is held to a very high standard. An international high school diploma alone, for instance, is usually insufficient to enrol in a degree program. In order to bridge this gap, KLU offers students the opportunity to complete a 10-month, full-time preparation program (Studienkolleg) with courses in maths, economics, and geography, with options to study German up to level A2 and English to C1, at our campus in Hamburg.

Previously held in Berlin, the program runs from September to May each year and provides participants plenty of additional support, including online meetings, tutorials, and mock tests leading up to the final Feststellungsprüfung(FSP) university entrance exam. Students who pass the FSP are then able to go on and do our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Students are also integrated into the life of KLU, going on fun trips to tourist highlights like the Hamburg Dungeon and taking part in social events such as our annual Christmas party.

What students have to say about KLU’s Preparation Program:

Nikola Ivanov, 19, from Sofia, Bulgaria

I feel like the prep program gave us a good foundation that we will carry into the KLU bachelor’s program this year. Our teachers were exceptional professionals who clearly had a passion for their field of study and were deeply invested in the success of their students. We had some very memorable in-depth discussions on geopolitics and macroeconomics, for instance. In my opinion, that is what sets KLU apart from other institutions. KLU also organized trips for us throughout the program, which were very enjoyable, and it helped us feel like a part of the KLU community.

Alejandro Avecillas Ruiz, 20, from Guayaquil, Ecuador

Among many factors like small classes and the great relationships with teachers and staff, what makes KLU stand out for me is the family and closeness feeling that you get by being a part of the community. Small talk in the hallways, events, and of course, the Open Week, are some of the places where you get to know amazing people from different ages and backgrounds. I would´ve never expected that in such a short time a place would have given me the confidence to say that I came to the right place for my education and university life.

Roman Iliuchenko, 18, from Kyiv, Ukraine

I had already planned to do my bachelor at KLU, so the prep program was a nice glance into the uni. During the year I got really familiar with KLU, students and staff, who are all really friendly and helpful. During the Preparation program we had some excursions to place like the Miniature Wonderland and Chocoversum chocolate museum, which were great fun and also great opportunities to get to know Hamburg. I also have a lot of good memories about our maths and economic lessons. Besides all that, it was the best feeling to finally write and pass the Feststellungsprüfung.

Henry Swateridge, 19, from Portsmouth, England

My International Baccalaureate courses were not recognized by the German education system, so the KLU preparation program was my way into the university. KLU provides a great international environment that allows people to come together and learn from one another.  The preparation program entailed many great experiences outside of the university, my favorite being the trip to the Hamburg Dungeon. I would definitely recommend KLU to friends as it offers a great international environment, everything is very well organized, and people here are very passionate about what they do. It creates a great working environment.