Julia Rieg

PhD Candidate

Julia Rieg

PhD Candidate

Julia Rieg joined the KLU as a PhD candidate in September 2019 under the primary and secondary supervision of Prof. Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke and Prof. Dr. Prisca Brosi, respectively. Her research is based in the field of organisational behaviour and leadership, with particular focus placed on leader-follower communication. 

Julia graduated with a BSc Joint Honours from the University of St Andrews in 2018, where she studied the degree combination Economics and Psychology. In the realm of an academic exchange, she spent one year at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada. Julia developed a strong interest in the field of leadership while working

on her bachelor’s thesis, in which she adopted a social identity approach to analyse how women invoked and warranted the claim of a personal relationship to Hitler as a political leader during the Third Reich. 

Before joining KLU, Julia finished her MSc Psychology of Economic Life at the London School of Economics and Political Science. To complement her studies, Julia gained practical experience working in global talent sourcing and market management at Daimler AG. 



Professional Experience

2016 Intern, CAReer Recruiting, Global Talent Sourcing, Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany.
2015 Intern, Market Management Germany & NAFTA region, Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, Stuttgart, Germany.


PhD Candidate in Organisational Behaviour & Leadership at the Kühne Logistics University, Hamburg, Germany. 
2018 MSc Psychology of Economic Life, London School of Economics and Political Science, London, UK. 
2014 Double Major BSc Economics & Psychology, University of St Andrews, St Andrews, Scotland.
2016 Academic exchange at Queen’s University in Kingston, ON, Canada.