Modern trends
in port operations

Online program

Modern trends
in port operations

Online program


Language of instruction: English

Target group: This program is targeted to those working in port management operations:

  • Team leaders
  • Department heads
  • Divisional heads

Program duration: 60 minutes

Method: Interactive webinars, case study work, group discussion

Academic director: Prof. Dr. Michele Acciaro

Content and Learning Outcomes

The desire to increasing efficiency in port operations has allowed ports to reach unprecedented levels of productivity. However, in many ports globally further gains are possible by harnessing the power of digital technologies through information transparency, simplified document handling, automation and real-time data analysis. Although at their infancy in many ports, ICT technologies are fast-tracking a Port 4.0 vision. But beyond the technology, it is paramount for port mangers and operators to identify the real issues that technologies should be addressing, and these might not necessarily be those that vendors are trying to promote.

This webinar will deal with the current developments in ICT technologies in ports, reviewing the most promising ones and identifying which ones are likely to make a difference in port management and operations. The webinar will also address how technologies should be framed within a port management vision and how innovation is successful when it addresses those issues that are critical to the port.

Participants will learn about the latest advances in port logistics management and have the opportunity to exchange ideas within the group. This training program will not only give new insights, but also help the management and the company to make their port management operations smarter.

Webinar session

This session provides content on these designated topics:

  • Ports and digitalization, current trends and future perspective
  • Digitalisation enabling technologies in ports
  • Digitalisation applications in ports
  • Focus on port management systems and automation

Program Delivery

KLU EE will develop and deliver 60 minutes of webinar content combining pre-recorded content as well as scheduled virtual “face-to-face” collaboration with the moderator. The session will combine 40 minutes of pre-recorded material as well as 20 minutes of Q&A time with the moderator. The pre-recorded material is available to the participants at any time, including outside of the specified time designated for the collaborated learning.

KLU EE will make available the webinar content via our online platform KLU Academy and will be responsible for participant support from start to finish.

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