Prof. Christian Troester Now Associate Editor at AMJ

Prof. Christian Tröster, PhD Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior

Christian Tröster, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior at KLU, was invited to join the Academy of Management Journal (AMJ) editorial team as an associate editor. Published by the Academy of Management, AMJ is considered the leading empirical journal covering all management aspects.

“The last years have significantly changed the way people work. Therefore, it is an exciting time to be on the editorial board of AMJ to shape the conversation and inspire new research and managerial practice,” Professor Troester said. He is currently the only professor at a German university who is a member of AMJ’s editorial board. KLU president Prof. Thomas Strothotte: “Having Prof. Troester join the Academy of Management Journal’s editorial board as an associate editor shows that KLU is taking a leadership role in management research and the research culture that KLU has built over the last ten years. The combination of internationally recognized scholars in operations and technology and in leadership and management makes KLU an inspiring place, whether you join us as a student or because you are looking for a strong partner to conduct research.”

The journal focuses on publishing empirical research that tests, extends, or builds management theory and contributes to management practice. In July 2022, Professor Marc Gruber of EPFL’s College of Technology will be taking over as Editor-in-Chief. With a handpicked team of 22 associate and deputy editors, he wants to focus on new voices, including regions of the world that are currently underrepresented in academic publications.

“I am looking forward to new studies that employ rigorous research designs to explore the new ways of working we have seen in the last years. This ‘new work’ provides an exciting test of our existing theories. Via rigorous empirical research, AMJ will provide evidence to inform new managerial practices,” said Prof. Troester. “Having a diverse editorial board of scholars will attract researchers from all over the world and from different niches of management research. I hope that this will help us gain new perspectives on management."

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