Go to the theater – for free

Seats in the cinema hall

“I have been to a concert of the Hamburg Philharmonic State Orchestra, to a play at Altonaer Theater and to another one at Hamburger Kammerspiele – without paying a single cent!” MSc student Norman Wüst is very pleased with the opportunities his freiKartE (“free ticket”) offers. It allows first and second semester students at KLU to explore Hamburg’s cultural life – for free. For three months, from October 1 until December 31, 2016, the freiKartE grants free admission to several theaters and museums in the city.

Louis Van Wambeke is another happy user of the freiKartE. The BSc student from Luxemburg used his as a kind of guideline to exploring German culture. “I really enjoyed discovering the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe where I spent a whole afternoon. Furthermore, the experience of the Hamburger Kunsthalle was also a good one for a foreign student.”

Both Norman and Louis have some strong advice for their fellow students: “Go out and use the freiKartE! The variety it offers is huge and it’s a great way to try new cultural venues.” As the offer is valid until December 31, students at KLU still have a few weeks to explore some interesting places.

freiKartE is a project of Hamburg-based Hermann Rauhe Foundation. KLU is taking part for the first time to let new students benefit from this cultural opportunity. First and second semester students received the freiKartE with their student ID. At KLU, the project is administered by Student Services and International Office.

Find out more about venues and events you can visit for free with freiKartE.