International Office for free movers

Kühne Logistics University

International Office for free movers

Kühne Logistics University

Free mover

If your home university does not have an exchange agreement with KLU, you may still apply to join our programs as free movers.

Free movers will:

We certainly hope that you will act as ambassadors of your home institution and open up the option of setting up a student exchange agreement between your university and KLU in the future. Please contact the KLU International Office to receive the link to the online application for the free mover program: exchange(at)

We will grant free movers all the benefits and services we provide to exchange students from our partner universities. Please refer to the For exchange students section to learn more about courses and grades, important deadlines, our Join the KLUb and KLU for 2 programs.

Application Deadline

  • fall semester (September – December): April 30
  • spring semester (January - May): September 30

Enhance your KLU Experience with InterComm!

Make more out of your stay at KLU with our InterComm program by joining our KLUb and be matched with a buddy from KLU, make a family your friend, learn more about German culture, and improve your German language skills with our tandem program.

The term InterComm can stand for both Intercultural Communication as well as Intercultural or International Community. The program shall refine the international spirit of the KLU, making it visible in and outside the KLU.


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Madlen Hebeler

Interim Head of International Office

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Dr. Mersida Mokci

International Office Managerin

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Hamaidi Stulos

International Office Manager

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Melissa Gürtler

International Office Project Administrator

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Friederike Bölle-Kutscher

Head of International Office (currently on leave)